Seven years have passed from what it seemed to be at first an act of courage for us, but at the same time a necessity for the medical world of Bacau county.

The concept called “Days of Municipal Emergency Hospital Moinesti” seemed at first hardly feasible in terms of economic restrictions imposed on hospitals nationwide. At the same time we can not forget the enthusiasm with which this idea was welcomed by most of the people involved, but especially reluctant skeptics who thought that Moinesti can not be prepared for such an event with national and international openness.

But we considered their skepticism as a challenge like “quod erat demonstrandum”. And we have demonstrated!

Opinions, criticisms and compliments to our efforts of including Municipal Emergency Hospital Moinesti on the other centers listed in Romanian medical world, have remained ever written and accessible through virtual media. We have proved over recent years that all development, improve, touch of European standards in healthcare environment don’t involve only material resources but rather the commitment, dedication and a perpetual struggle against indifference and waiting for others to do for us what we can definitely do, together in teams.

Also, through lectures, operator demonstrations and activities during the six previous editions of the Days of Municipal Emergency Hospital Moinesti , SMU has won a deserved place on the reference list of medical facilities.

We consider we have demonstrated that we can be competitive, opened, receptive and communicative, and the fact that SMU is located in a relatively small city, has no relevance face to face with our professionalism.

We expect this seventh edition of the Days of  Municipal Emergency Hospital Moinesti  overcome the other six editions by new, development, and interest and we expect many people join us, because only together we can be better.

    Dr. Adrian Cotirlet
    Manager of Municipal Emergency Hospital Moinesti